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Motivational Charts

I Brush My Teeth Chart - Color
 I brush my teeth chart in color
Black & White Chart
 I brush my teeth chart
No Thumb Sucking for Me Chart
 No thumb sucking chart
Blank Chart
Daily chart

Activity Sheets

Crossword Puzzle Age 5 & Up
Crossword puzzle

Crossword Puzzle Age 8 & Up
Dental crossword puzzle


Hidden Toothbrushes
Hidden toothbrushes

Unscramble the Dental Words
Unscramble the dental words


Hidden Dental Words
Hidden dental words

Personalized coloring bookPersonalized Coloring Book

“My First Visit to the Dentist”

A personalized child’s coloring book to help patients look forward to their dental visit. A great keepsake for your child’s scrapbook or baby book.

Boy Book | Girl Book

Pediatric dentist Dr. Barry J. Farmer